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Whether it’s a hospital opening a center as a complement to other services or a group of doctors opening a freestanding facility, the sleep disorders market is positioning itself more firmly in the medical community.

Across the country, more sleep centers are being developed, with some attached to hospitals or universities, and some freestanding. Traditionally, physicians and hospitals have disagreed on how to best manage and develop sleep centers. For example, some doctors may start building their own freestanding clinics after their local hospital closes the sleep clinic that previously employed them. Other physicians may develop their own sleep centers, forcing a hospital to either compete with its traditional referral source or close its sleep facility all together.

As a result of these trends, SOVA was created. SOVA realizes that in order for sleep centers to truly be successful, hospitals and physicians must work together. SOVA brings the two parties together through their unique business model, which offers joint venture opportunities and a third party that mediates between the hospital and physicians and manages the facility.

Who We Work With: Hospitals

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For those hospitals looking to build a new sleep center or grow their current business, SOVA can help. If you are looking to avoid competition with your physicians, SOVA emphasizes collaboration. Through our joint venture offering, you and your physicians can find a common ground, creating a “win, win” for offering.

For example, less than two years ago, after many years of frustration, SOVA’s team merged two hospital-based sleep practices together and joint-ventured with their physicians. Today, this unified sleep center is the largest accredited sleep center in the region, and regularly adds new programs and technology to their growing list of services.

Who We Work With: Physicians

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SOVA seeks physician partnership in new facilities, similar to the way a health system may collaborate with a group of cardiologists on a heart center. Unable to generate much interest from your local hospital, you may be seeking a third-party partner to manage the business side, so you can concentrate on the clinical side of your practice.

Through SOVA, hospitals and physicians collaborate on a successful sleep center and engage in a business agreement that allows you to focus more on your patients.