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deployment, optimization, clinical plan and protocols

Objective: During this phase, SOVA’s team will work with the sleep center to complete steps necessary to begin operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, including construction of the facility, installation of the technology and development of strategic and marketing plans.

Approach: SOVA will manage the implementation of the business plan through proven management techniques. SOVA’s experience with sleep center operations will reduce the likelihood of delays in patient treatment and project revenue. SOVA utilizes a detailed project plan to manage all aspects of the implementation. The SOVA team will work directly with hospital administration and contractors to ensure that deadlines are met, and oversee any deployment issues that arise. In addition, SOVA will work with physician and hospital partners to develop administrative procedures, educational programs and initial aspects of the marketing plan.

Outputs: The results of this phase will include the completion of the program and the treatment of the first patient utilizing the re-defined sleep center(s).

*If site is already operational, project moves to Phase 4.


Strategic and marketing plan development, 
dashboard implementation to measure key operating and clinical metrics, program support plan.

Objective: SOVA will enter into an ongoing support agreement with the sleep center(s) to ensure that the center is operational and successful.

Approach: Building on the work completed in previous phases, SOVA will continue to meet with physicians and hospital clinical and operational personnel to further develop and refine the following – including but not limited to:

The above plans and measures will be implemented once SOVA begins management services. Subsequently, an interdisciplinary team (selected by the sleep center) will meet on a regular basis for the term of the management agreement to review the performance of the program, modify the clinical, strategic and marketing plans as appropriate.

Outputs: The deliverable for this phase will be a well-functioning and performing sleep center.