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Business Planning

business plan, approach, market share analysis, go/no-go recommendation

SOVA’s team will analyze the existing sleep center (or the need for a new center) and develop a business plan, which includes financial, legal, market and operational recommendations. During this phase, we will determine the current state of the sleep center and develop a business plan to be used in securing a growing level of market share and sustained profitability. The plan will also include strategies for developing a joint venture and necessary working capital.

SOVA will evaluate the following subject areas concerning the project in order complete the business plan:

Market Assessment

Financial Assessment

market assessment, financial assessment, operational analysis

Structural Assessment

Operational Analysis

Executive Summary and Action Plan

Outputs: The deliverable from this phase will be a business plan that addresses and incorporates the above analysis for the project. This phase will take approximately 45 to 60 days to complete.

Fees: Should the sleep center decide to retain SOVA for subsequent phases, an Engagement Continuation Agreement will be put in place based on the needs outlined in the business plan. Fees for Phase Two and Three are often contingent upon the successful creation of a fully structured and financed sleep center.